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How to Select the Best VoIP Number Provider

Voice over Internet protocol (or VoIP) is among the latest innovations in telecommunication industry and facilitates both domestic and business customers. Users contact others with their telephone hardware device via an internet connection which makes the call free for both parties. In addition, national and international numbers can be obtained. Subscription charges are low and they offer high sound quality, along with the availability of many other embedded features that are highly desired. A VoIP number is assigned by VoIP providers based on different categories, e.g. common numbers, silver numbers, golden numbers, and special numbers and IDs.

As we know, VoIP telecommunication devices also provide users with the most advanced features of username and ID for calling purposes, along with traditional phone numbers used for dialing purpose. If you want to expand your VoIP services outside the PC, you will need to have a VoIP number for phone dialing. Once you subscribe for VoIP service with any of the VoIP providers, you will be given a VoIP number via either the software or hardware basis of communication and connectivity. This VoIP number will then be used to receive and make calls over the IP and over to landlines or mobile numbers.

VoIP Number Porting: Old PSTN Phone Number as a VoIP Number?

For many users, transferring from traditional to VoIP telephone connectivity requires the old number be kept to allow for communication in VoIP services. You may be asked by a VoIP reseller, can someone use their PSTN number as VoIP number? For many business organizations and domestic users who have used their traditional dialing phone for a number of years, and all their contacts know them through this number, keeping the original phone number for VoIP connectivity is very important.

Here a few exceptions. Number portability actually is required by both wireless and non-wireless service providers to offer the feature once the user changes the network provider. According to the FCC, VoIP providers are also offering users the ability to keep their old phone number and convert from PSTN to Voice over IP services. Some VoIP companies offer VoIP number portability to help users select their old number, while in most cases, VoIP number are also offered in format of Usernames and IDs which can be used as a dialing address. The fee charged by mobile companies for this purpose is a one-time payment so they can preserve their PSTN details along with the new VoIP services. VoIP number is also divided into different categories like UK geographical numbers, non-geographical numbers, user selected numbers, and personal numbers.

VoIP Number Portability Feature

VoIP services are offering many added benefits for users. As far as VoIP number is concerned, users have been allowed the option to keep their phone number of PSTN for VoIP, or choose among the golden number, silver numbers, and special numbers. Once you subscribe with a VoIP provider, they will provide you with available numbers according to your choice. A VoIP number will help you use your name or an ID for dialing purposes and enjoy the experience with better quality sound and affordable rates of calling.

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