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VoIP Fax Service For Business And Domestic Use

VoIP fax service helps users send important documents, text files, and other information long distances by simply inputting a recipient fax ID, and then the information is transferred. VoIP phones have made certain things possible which were unable to be done through traditional telephone devices. Faxing has been in use for years and different Internet protocols were used to send the information among users across the world. This information was sent in the form of sound which was received back into data by the receiving fax machine. If there is even a small amount of data loss, the receiving machine will shut down and will not receive such information. VoIP fax (also known as internet fax) services are provided by almost all VoIP providers to help the user enjoy faxing services through their Internet phones.

Codecs, which are used by VoIP phone IAD’s, are designed specifically to compress the voice (not the analog data) in form of signals by modems. Basically, there are two concepts and methods of carrying out real-time fax machine to machine information over to this device. The first method used is a VoIP fax relay in which T.30 faxes from the PSTN will be demodulated at the sending gateway. This demodulated fax is converted into packets and sent over to the internet and is demodulated into T.30 fax at the receiving end.

VoIP Fax Machine – Cheap Fax Services for VoIP Users

VoIP fax service is among the most innovative features which are being currently offered to users and is helping to make fax services more affordable. A second method is Fax pass through in which modulated information is sent from the PSTN and passed through band by end-to-end over an audio speech in an Internet protocol network. So a question may arise, what is the VoIP fax? From the prospective of your fax or voice application, it is basically a voice fax modem which installs virtual COM ports and virtual fax into a VoIP modem. You can setup your VoIP fax and voice program to initiate with Fax Voice COM ports or using the virtual modems. From the prospective of our VoIP Internet network, it is a SIP/H.323 client with T.38 and G.711 fax support.

VoIP Fax Line: Sending Fax Over Internet Finally Gets Easy

With VoIP fax you can send and receive T.38 and audio, color, and black & white faxes, as well as voice messages, without any modem. VoIP fax is the ideal implementation and installation of a voice mailbox and fax program into an SIP or H. 323 network. You can work easily with VoIP Fax and PBX, or with your SIP service providers for the VoIP fax feature. VoIP fax also supports from one to one hundred virtual lines together without any interruption. Use of many Call Routing functions and SIP registrations will help to make your system very flexible and facilitating for you to work with different H.323 and SIP providers simultaneously. It’s not difficult to send audio and T.38 faxes via VoIP fax virtual printer and receiving your faxes from senders into TIFF or PDF file format instead of using any faxing software. You can easily manage faxing services with VoIP fax feature and there is no need to decrease the number of incoming fax sessions at your machine.

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