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Selection of Cheapest VoIP Phone Service

Cheapest VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communication systems are among the latest inventions launched in the market since the internet came into existence. As we know, all over the world, the internet has provided the greatest source of communication among users through the use of different social sites and voice communicating messengers, such as Gmail and Skype voice services, which are free in both the USA and Canada. In addition, there are different software applications which have been developed by free software development communities to provide internet users with free voice connectivity similar to Skype or Gmail voice services. But a VoIP device is like the traditional PSTN connection, which makes the use of internet protocol for connectivity and helps users make the cheapest VoIP calls to both landline and mobile phones users across the world.

How to Find Cheapest VoIP Provider in Your Area

In regard to the cheapest VoIP providers, there is a wide list of companies which either exist physically and will provide you a hardware device (like a telephone for making VoIP calls) and the needed IP for connectivity, or operate by utilizing online websites to allow users to purchase their subscriptions, and then make calls after installing a VoIP software application, which is usually provided free of charge by the software community.

Phone Power is among the cheapest VoIP providers and has captured a large market share because of excellent voice quality, low cost, ease of use, great customer service and support, and value added services, which makes Phone Power the top VoIP series provider in America. Phone Power offers the simple and cost effective Voice over IP communication solution for residential as well as business needs. There are many features which should be checked in any VoIP provider to consider it the cheapest VoIP provider, along with premium customer services. A cheap VoIP provider must be easy to install and have a user friendly interface. Phone Power VoIP provider, Ghome,, and provide the cheapest subscription by simply offering a free modem for connectivity with nothing else required. There is no software needed and skilled and professional reps are ready to help you 24/7.

The number of features embedded by the cheapest VoIP service is the main concern for this topic of study. For example, for residential customers you will need full feature services like voice mail, call waiting, caller id and username, call hold, conference calling, call transfer service, and many related features. For business customers, a cheapest VoIP will be considered one which takes a great part in minimizing their communication gap by providing many features like fax mailing, currency rates checking, conference audio and video calling, etc.

List of Cheapest VoIP Service Providers

Popular VoIP providers which are offering low rates and wide network calling services including:
1. Voipcheap
4. Phone Power
5. Vonage
6. Ooma
7. Voice calls from Gmail
10. Lingo
11. Globe7

Globe7 allows its customers to download a free software plan which allows users to make the cheapest calls to other Globe7 users, and also cheap calls to non-Globe7 users. For international calls, all of the above providers are offering the cheapest VoIP services for customers all over the world.

We hope this article was helpful and will allow you to find the cheapest VoIP provider in your area.

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